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Audiology Australia (AudA), the Australian College of Audiology (ACAud) and the Hearing Aid Audiology Society of Australia (HAASA) are professional bodies that offer membership and clinical certification to audiologists and audiometrists in Australia.  AudA, ACAud and HAASA are committed to ensuring that their members and/or certified practitioners maintain a high standard of ethical and professional conduct and that the public maintain a high level of trust in the professions of audiology and audiometry.

In order to increase the consistency of the management and investigation of breaches of the Code of Conduct and the provision of ethical and professional guidance, the Professional Bodies have agreed to each implement identical Complaints Management and Resolution Procedures.

The Ethics Review Committees (ERCs) operate according to the relevant Complaints Management and Resolution Procedure and related policies and guidelines.  The Code of Conduct for audiologists and audiometrists sets the professional and ethical standards that members and/or clinically certified audiologists and audiometrists must meet.

The ERCs promote ethical and professional hearing services through ensuring the Complaints Management and Resolution Procedure and related policies and procedures are adhered to in the handling of complaints.

The Ethics Officer provides information and guidance to hearing professionals (audiologists and audiometrists) and members of the public.  When needed, the Ethics Officer seeks input from the ERCs when providing information and guidance.

Wherever possible, the Ethics Officer handles complaints informally through dialogue between the complainant, respondent and any other involved parties, with input from the ERCs when needed.  However, it may be necessary for an ERC to proceed with mediation or a formal investigation and hearing according to the relevant professional body’s Complaints Management and Resolution Procedure.  The AudA, ACAud or HAASA ERC may then make recommendations to the relevant Board regarding any appropriate sanctions.

ERC members

The following people are on the AudA, ACAud and HAASA ERCs:

The AudA ERC also has the following members:

The ACAud ERC also has the following members:

The HAASA ERC also has the following members:

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