AudA ERC member Jasna Bruce

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Jasna Bruce has been an audiologist for 29 years and is a registered psychologist.  She is currently employed as a clinical audiologist in the hospital sector and she also consults in her private hearing aid and audiology practice, and on the Clinical Panel of TAC and WorkSafe Victoria.  Jasna also leads a project in screening prep children for early detection of children at risk of literacy underachievement.

Jasna has a history of serving on the Board of the Deafness Foundation, working as a clinician for Australian Hearing, Manager and Clinical Support officer in the Melbourne Office of Hearing Services at the inception of the Australian Government Voucher Program, and setting up the Psychology support services at Kalparrin Early Intervention Centre.

Jasna has authored two children’s books about hearing awareness as a fundraiser for the Deafness Foundation, and co-authored Clinical Audit Protocols for the Office of Hearing.

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