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William (Bill) Olayos is an audiologist working independently in private practice in his own clinic in Victoria.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology from the University of North Carolina, a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne, and did his post-tertiary qualification in audiology at the University of Melbourne.

He has been an audiologist for over 35 years, 32 of those in independent private practice.  Bill is a Fellow and past President of ACAud, a past President of the Australian Association of Audiologists in Private Practice (now IAA), and was founding Board Member of the Hearing Business Alliance.

He has represented professional interests to numerous Federal Health Ministers during his various roles.  He was a member of the Federally constituted Hearing Services Advisory Committee during his time as President of ACAud.  He was there in 1993 when the current Hearing Services Program was started.

Bill is committed to, and passionate about, his profession and is fully cognizant of the need to maintain professional standards and ethics in the face of increasing pressures from the industry and elsewhere.

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